Constitutional Lawyers

Constitutional Lawyers

Constitutional lawyers practice an area of law related to the U.S. Constitution, which establishes governmental laws and guarantees the rights of citizens.

These lawyers may handle cases involving various issues, such as the freedom of speech or the right to due process.

If you’re interested in becoming a constitutional attorney, you may want to learn more about these legal professionals, such as their typical job duties and their education, training and skills.

What is a constitutional lawyer?

A constitutional lawyer is an attorney who specializes in the laws and rules outlined in state and federal constitutions.

These lawyers practice constitutional law, which is a broad field focused on the meaning and limitations of state or federal laws.

They typically handle cases involving the interpretation or implementation of constitutional laws, such as the separation of powers.

These lawyers may go to court to seek clarification on the meaning of the U.S. Constitution, challenge the constitutionality of legislation or advocate for a client’s constitutional rights, such as the freedom of speech.

What does a constitutional lawyer do?

A constitutional lawyer uses the laws of state and federal constitutions to represent their clients, such as an individual who believes another person violated their constitutional rights.

These lawyers often argue their cases in federal courts, and some cases may make it all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.

7 many job responsibilities Constitutional lawyers

  • Advise clients on matters related to constitutional law

  • Interview clients and other parties to understand their perspectives

  • Research relevant cases to find similarities and legal precedents

  • Interpret constitutional laws and rulings for their clients

  • File briefs and other paperwork before court hearings

  • Defend the constitutional rights of their clients in court

  • Present arguments in constitutional cases before jury members and judges

Why become a constitutional lawyer?

Constitutional law is a broad area that involves many aspects of the legal system.

Lawyers specializing in this area of the law may have the opportunity to work on cases that set standards for future laws and policies.

Here are some common reasons many attorneys choose to pursue a career in constitutional law:

  • Fulfillment: These lawyers often help protect the rights of individual citizens, such as their right to equal protection under the law. The ability to help others can provide many constitutional lawyers with a sense of fulfillment in their careers.

  • Prestige: Constitutional lawyers understand the complexities of the constitution, and their interpretations may have the power to impact citizens across the country. Many legal experts respect these lawyers for their expertise, and this prestige may be one reason some lawyers choose to specialize in this area.

  • Advancement: There are many opportunities for advancement in constitutional law. Some constitutional lawyers choose to practice on their own or form a partnership with other attorneys, while others become legal advisers, law professors or even judges.

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