Insurance Lawyers

Insurance Lawyers

Insurance lawyers are individuals who protect their clients’ rights over the course of an insurance claim. There are many unsavory insurers and claimants, which means hiring an insurance lawyer is critical to anyone navigating the claims process.

They also handle several aspects of an insurance claim. From accident or damage reconstruction to negotiations, an insurance lawyer will ensure that their clients do not pay more or receive less than what they deserve.

What is an Insurance Lawyers?

An insurance lawyer practices insurance law. They provide legal advice when clients have legal questions related to an insurance claim. Insurance lawyers can also negotiate insurance settlements or litigate bad faith cases in court.

5 Types Insurance Lawyers

Types of claims that insurance lawyers handle include:

  • Property damage claims
  • Car accident cases
  • Health insurance benefits
  • Disability cases
  • Business liability claims

They generally do not take an insurance lawyer salary. Instead, they get paid on contingency fees by a percentage if they win your case.

What is an Insurance Attorneys?

Insurance attorney review the facts of insurance claims and insurance contracts to advise the insurers or the insured as to whether there is coverage and then litigate when a dispute over coverage cannot be resolved.

Insurance lawyer work in a variety of areas, including auto, home owners, renters, general, employers, and directors and officers.

Insurances litigation can be practiced in specialized boutiques though many large firms will have a few practitioners, or it will fall under the litigation department.

Insurance companies employ many attorneys to deal with these disputes, so it can be a good area for a litigator who wants to move in-house, though compensation in these roles tends to be relatively low.

Large companies will also employ insurance lawyers to advise on what types of insurance they should have to mitigate risk.

There is a small subset of insurance lawyers whose practice deals with transactions in the insurance industry. These attorneys advise on the formation, acquisition, and disposition of insurance companies and agencies and on the formation of new insurance products.

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