Oilfield Injury Attorneys

Oilfield Injury Attorneys

The Oilfield Injury Attorneys at Lawyers New are here to represent the interests of injured San Antonio workers and their families.

Every oil and gas worker and their family knows first hand the risks and rewards that accompany work in the oil industry. Unfortunately, the rewards do not always outweigh the risks—in fact, the two are rarely in balance.

This is not because workers are being dangerous or recklessly creating situations where oil and gas accidents are more likely to occur.

Rather, because of the increased activity along the Eagle Ford Shale, employers are foregoing federally-mandated training for newly hired employees in order to get them working on oil drills and rigs as quickly as possible.

As our San Antonio oil accident attorney has shown in several cases, this training is essential to ensuring the safety of oil industry workers in San Antonio, across south Texas, and out into the Gulf.

Even when adequate training is provided to new hires, outside employees from supply companies and contractors from a variety of backgrounds can make the work site more hazardous.

These third-party workers are not required to undergo the same safety training that all full-time on-site employees must complete, which can lead to careless mistakes and an unintentional breach of procedure.

Unfortunately, as our oilfield injury attorneys at Lawyers New are constantly pointing out, these sites are well maintained, fenced, and in some cases guarded in order to prevent such carelessness from happening on-site.

When a third-party worker creates a dangerous situation which leads to the injury of a full-time on-site employee, it is time to call one of our lawyers immediately.

The sooner we know what happened, the quicker we can help you recover while ensuring you and your family do not have to pay for your much-needed medical care.

Our team of oilfield injury attorneys fights aggressively to protect injured oilfield workers and their families in injury and wrongful death cases.

With headquarters in San Antonio and offices across Texas, our attorneys at Lawyers New have ready access to experts in oil and gas work and investigators who know their way around the drilling rig, pulling unit, compressor station, or pumping operation that may have been the site of your injuries.

As soon as our lawyers have had a chance to hear the particulars of your accident, we will immediately send one of our investigation teams to the accident site to obtain and protect as much of the evidence as we can, which will eventually help us prove your case.

However, some accidents have little to do with human error. In cases where equipment gives out, breaks down, shuts on or off unexpectedly, or contributes to a busted well head or pressurized tank explosion, the manufacturer of that equipment may be at fault.

The best trained and safest employee might still be unable to detect a flaw that was built into the machinery they are responsible for, and in cases where this is true, our oilfield injury attorneys are prepared to use decades of legal experience to support the claims of the injured worker and disenfranchise the equipment manufacturer.

San Antonio oilfield drilling accidents have increased dramatically, leaving injured employees and grieving families in their wake. If you or a loved one have suffered serious injuries in a fall or explosion related to an oilfield accident, pulling unit accident, or drilling rig accident, call the lawyers at Lawyers New today.

Oilfield Accidents

Time and time again, Arnold & Itkin has brought the fight to companies that value profits over safety. After seeing the repercussions of oilfield accidents and how they change people’s lives, we know what’s at stake.

When companies mistreat workers, bully them, and try to give them less than they deserve, it’s personal to us. Over the years, our dedication to results and compassion for clients has resulted in the recovery of billions of dollars.

We’ve taken on some of the largest oil and gas companies in the world, and we’re ready to be the hard-fighting advocate that you deserve.Nothing justifies the suffering of innocent people, and we’re ready to go to battle for them.

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